Please remember that granite is porous in varying degrees depending on its constitution and origin. This also applies to hardness and resistance to scratches. Granites such as Kashmir White, Kashmir Gold, Bethal White Shivakasi and other similar ones are the most susceptible to staining and extra care is advised with the points listed below:

Water Hardness
Water contains minerals in varying quantities depending on its source (this is called "water hardness"). These minerals can deposit themselves on the work surface when water is left to dry on it and result in lime scale marks.

Marks and Stains
Strongly coloured foodstuffs can stain the granite. Be particularly careful with coffee and tea. Oily substances can also leave marks. Avoid leaving things such as butter, oil bottles and spills, salad dressings etc on the work surface and wipe them clean as soon as possible.

Surface Damage
Acidic substances can etch the surface of the stone. Things to watch for are lemon, lime and other fruit juices, fizzy drinks and vinegar. The same applies for alkaline substances.Never use chlorine-based cleaners, acids, photographic development liquid, spirit based solvents, paint stripper, caustic soda and concentrated biological disinfectants. Do not use abrasive materials to wipe or rub the granite.

In addition to these recommendations, we strongly recommend our 15 Year Seal for Life Stain Protection Warranty where applicable. For further information on caring for your stone worktopplease see our Seal for Life warranty

Variiation of Colour
Granite is a natural material and variations in colour, veining and texture must be expected. Elite Granite will not be held responsible for any claims resulting from these factors.

On-screen Appearance
Colours and shade reproductions on this web site are presented as accurate as possible. Colours may reproduce differently between browsers and monitors due to a difference in calibration and contrast settings. We strongly recommend all customers view the product before placing an order as Elite Granite cannot be held responsible for any undesired outcome with regards to colour and appearance.